There is more trouble for Lagos, as the Coronavirus cases surge to 145, with 25 new cases added in two days.

The danger is that the rate at which Lagos discharges recovered patients is slower than the rising new cases being admitted at its isolation centres.

Of the 154 Coronavirus cases in Lagos, 32 coronavirus patients who fully recovered were discharged, while three people have died and two others evacuated so far.

Also, the state now has 108 active cases of Coronavirus, meaning that there is more trouble ahead unless the surge is halted.

With 130 confirmed cases on Tuesday, it surges to a frightening 145 cases, with a quantum addition of 15 fresh cases.

Following next to Lagos is Abuja, with a distant 54 confirmed cases.

The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, has its active cases of Coronavirus put at 45, having discharged seven patients and recorded two deaths.

How they stand

Lagos- 145

FCT- 54

Osun- 20

Edo- 12

Oyo- 11

Bauchi- 8

Akwa Ibom- 5

Kaduna- 5

Ogun- 4

Enugu- 2

Ekiti- 2


Kwara- 2

Benue- 1

Ondo- 1

Delta- 1