Nigeria’s award winning singer, Niniola on Monday landed another first in the nation’s entertainment industry when she made history with over 1 million listeners on Spotify, making her the first female Nigerian artiste ever to cross the 1 million mark in grand style.

The Afro-House singer released her debut album ‘This is me’ in November 2017 to critical acclaim and fan praises with Maradona leading the trend with over 1.7 million streams on Spotify.

The music streaming platform, which measures artiste’s popularity with listenership has solidified Niniola’s music as staple among music lovers crowning her with the coveted title of the most popular Nigerian female artiste at the moment.

Niniola who is a Nigerian singer and songwriter is blessed with a vocal range that can break glass and has created a music genre for herself called Afro-House- a blend of Afro-Beat and House music which she says distinguished her from other female Nigerian artists.

Ninola’s debut album ‘This is me’ lists songs like Saro, Magun, Maradona which centered around how her trusted boyfriend have been going around with her friends behind her until she caught him red handed in the act and lastly, Sicker which have all been receiving massive airplay and topping charts within the African continent.

With this record breaking feet from her, it is believed that Niniola would give Nigerians and her fans all over the world something melodious before the years runs out..