Ambode, Lagos State Governor

Lagos Municipality had been administered by the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Lagos Affairs as the regional authority, while the Lagos City Council (LCC) governed the City of Lagos. Equally, the metropolitan areas (Colony Province) of Ikeja, Agege, Mushin, Ikorodu, Epe and Badagry were administered by the Western Region. Lagos State, Nigeria was created on May 27, 1967 by virtue of State (Creation and Transitional Provisions) Decree No. 14 of 1967, which restructured Nigeria’s Federation into 12 States.

Lagos started out as colony and with time, became a component of  the polity called  Nigeria 50 years ago and since then ,the role of Lagos in the federal republic of Nigeria is significant in many ways. At the cultural front, Lagos is a potpourri of tribes from all over the country and at the economic front, Lagos is the singular most important  contributor to National Gross Domestic Product aside from crude oil. The stature of Lagos sourced national  income from Value Added Tax, Excise Duty, Port Charges are unparalleled by any component of the Nigerian federation.

The developmental strides of Lagos since Mobolaji Johnson has been phenomenal even when non-indigenes held sway as military administrators and governors. For instance a pictorial comparison of Lagos marina over 50 years will clearly show the spate of development of Lagos state. The tenure of  Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as governor of Lagos state marked a significant beginning of the mega city status of Lagos and the mega city syndrome has robbed positively on developmental pace the state. Babatunde Fashola followed-up religiously on the mega city agenda and Ambode is accentuating the developmental blueprint with proper planning and implementation schedule.

The governor has the over-riding vision for development of the State without discrimination against any Local Council and the people have realized the superior reasoning in joining hands together for uplifting State irrespective of political differences. In view of the electoral realities, Lagos is gaining international attention not for its disorder but instead as a possible model of effective governance—in Nigeria and in Africa.

Lagos at fifty was celebrated in style with a wide variety of activities covering wide aspects of Lagos culture, business, and sports. etc. All the featured events told the success story of Lagos with emphasis on the giant developmental strides that the State has taken since creation. Eminent citizens of the State were joined by nonindigenous well-wishers to mark the occasion and Governor Ambode  was full of profound  appreciation for the numerous contributions by forbearers to move the State to this stage as well as acknowledging the  scuttle support of indigenes and nonindigenous residents because truly government can hardly achieve anything without  the expected role performance of the governed.

In fifty years, Lagos State stands tall amongst peers created same time and evidences abound.





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