EXCLUSIVE: Ignore The Rumours, Baba Sala is NOT dead- Son

Contrary to reports about iconic comedian and filmmaker Moses Olaiya popularly known as Baba Sala having died today, LPcan exclusively confirm that it is not true: Baba Sala is alive and well.

Speaking in a phone chat, his son Yemi revealed to

2015 hospitalized

that the reports of the 82 year old’s death is like the previous ones before, simply not true.

‘It’s not true. I still spoke to him this morning. This man you’re talking about is my biological father and it’s painful that this kind of thing goes on every time. At least Nigerian journalists should reach out to the family before publishing such stories. Baba Sala is fine and I, his son still spoke to him today.’

Although Baba Sala has had serious health issues in the past, he pulled through on each occassion and is quietly living the rest of his days in relative good health.

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