“I’m not saying Edwards doesn’t have what it takes, he has also been in the forefront of the MMA and he’s a very good fighter. Nevertheless he has lost to Usman in 2015 and considering the way he won last August, he will lose this time.

“I think Usman celebrated too early, he thought he’d already won, he made that mistake but I don’t see him making the same error on Saturday. I feel he’s going to go through and finish what he started the last time and win it this time. He’s not called The Nigerian Nightmare for nothing.”

Passionate MMA fan, Adeolu Sangobowale, is disappointed there is even a conversation about this as Edwards didn’t really threaten Usman outside of the knockout in his opinion.

“Most definitely, Usman is going to beat Leon Edwards, the last fight was a fluke. Round one, the only highlight was that Leon took Usman down and likely won the round with the round with the takedown, but from round two to round four and three quarters of round five, Usman beat the f*ck out of Edwards but he slowed down towards the end of the last round, not because he was tired but because he thought he had won the fight.

“Even Leon did not think he would win the fight, you could see it in his body language when his coaches were talking to him in between rounds, it was very obvious that he felt broken, but he pulled off a good move and that was how he was able to win the fight with a few seconds to the end. Basically, the fight was already over and that just happened, which can happen to anybody,” Sangobowale said.

Speaking of their strengths, Sangobowale added, “If Kamaru just wanted to win, he would just wrestle him for all the five rounds and he would win and there is nothing Edwards can do, so, I don’t know why people think he (Edwards) is that guy.”

Blessing Anorh, another UFC fan, stated, “For the welterweight championship rematch between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman, I’d be on team ‘Nigerian nightmare’ for the win and it’s simply because I’m Nigerian. Despite my patriotism is in this, Usman’s consistency and excellence since he became champ cannot be ignored. Usman has somehow managed to beat guys I thought were above his league since he took the belt off Tyron Woodley at UFC 235 in 2019.

“Edwards rang the alarm for Usman and now that he’s tasted glory, I don’t see him giving it up easy, that’s if he does give it up at all. I expect Leon to come in hot and I believe he has the edge in this fight because Usman will be under immense pressure and Leon has proven to be unpredictable in some areas.”

Despite having lost his crown, Usman shares the confidence the experts and fans have in him as he insists that he remains the better of the two.

“He’s the champ, and I’ll give that to him,” Usman told Sky Sports. “But him and I know I will deal with him (on) March 18. I’m better and the world knows it.

“I’ve never been disrespectful with Leon. If anything, I’ve been the only guy that has given him respect all throughout his career. I’m not going to start (on him) now. He’s said a couple (of) things that have offended me, but I’ll talk to him about that on Saturday night.”

The fans have spoken, and the stage at the 02 Arena is set with both fighters expected to take to the octagon for the main event and the highly-anticipated matchup will be a technical master-class, with both athletes sure to put on an epic display.