TechHer trains Media Professionals on gender-based reportage


TechHer in partnership with The European Union and British Council is currently training Media Professionals on gender based reportage with the aim of tackling the challenge of gender-based stories in Nigeria.

The two-day training tagged Gender Reporting for Media Professionals, is holding in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital.

The workshop has over 50 media professionals from various States across Nigeria.

According to Kawthar Ahmed, Project Lead, TechHer NG, the training will help Journalists balance their reporting to avoid one-sided reportage.

kawathar Ahmed

Ms Ahmed explained that the mode of training will be done through experiential learning where people learn through experiences.

One of the facilitators at the event, Joshua Olufemi, described gender reporting as giving access to any gender in context or subject to every issue you’re dealing with.

He also explained that it is also means lending a voice to issues that relate to a particular gender.

Joshua Olufemi

Mr. Olufemi added that there is a need to bring out more positives in gender reporting by elevating languages that promote women.

Another facilitator Aisha Salaudeen who is a multimedia Journalist, explained that gender reporting involves inclusion of women in all spheres of the newsroom.

Ms Salaudeen added that this does not mean singling out any gender in reporting but including women in all reporting.

Aisha Salaudeen

She urged people to always get competent women in different fields to lend their voices to issues affecting the society and also stop stereotyping women.

Aisha also called on Journalists to always use gender neutral titles when reporting, like using spokesperson instead of spokesman.

According to an Investigative Journalist, Dorothy Njemanze, there is a clear need to stop putting people in boxes and stop stereotyping.

Cross section of participants at the Gender Reporting For Media Professionals Training 



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