Daddy Showkey Appeals To Security Agencies Over Badoo Killings In Ajegunle

Daddy Showkey Appeals To Security Agencies Over Badoo Killings In Ajegunle

Veteran musician, Daddy Showkey, on Wednesday, July 12, expressed his sadness over the recent killings in Ajegunle, a popular Lagos ghetto, by suspected `Badoo’ ritual cultists.

Showkey appealed to security agencies to come to the rescue of residents of the area.

Showkey made the appeal in his Instagram post where he also shared the picture of a young man whom he claimed was murdered in Ajegunle some days ago.

In his Instagram, the artist wrote: “Ajegunle people are crying for help, the killing is too much and nobody is doing anything.
“Are we not in Lagos or we are not Nigerians? Please help us, they kill people every day in Ajegunle and nobody is doing anything about it; please help us now.

“We are trying to give Ajegunle a good name and some stupid idiots are busy killing our youths in Ajegunle.
“I am begging the Nigerian authority to come to the aid of the people of Ajegunle now, before they will kill every growing youth in Ajegunle.
“They kill people as if human life has no value.

“Am begging the Nigerian authorities one more time to come to the aid of the budding Ajegunle youths before things get out of hand and we take laws into our hands.
“Please, I am begging with tears in my eyes. This young man was killed on the 9th of July,2017.
“They will never stop us from doing what we are doing for Ajegunle, #ajegunle to the world# war against killing our youths. “
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the suspected ritual cultists known as `Badoo’ had lately been terrorising the residents of Ikorodu Area as well as attacked Owode Ajegunle near Ketu in Lagos State where they killed several innocent lives.

The spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Olarinde Famous–Cole, admitted to have read about the incident on the internet as posted by Showkey.

He assured the residents of the state that the command was on top of the situation, and would continue to provide adequate security for their lives and properties.


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