Coronavirus: Nigerian states urged to emulate Lagos

The Chief executive officer and Founder; Beta Socials, Kevin Eze,  has called on other states in the country to learn from Lagos State in the management of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Speaking in an interview with journalists on Friday, the entrepreneur cum brand strategist, lauded the Lagos State government over the way it responded to the pandemic, adding that the strategy deployed by the state government prevented the pandemic from spreading in the state. He particularly singled out Governor Babajide San­wo-Olu for providing quality leadership in the management of the pandemic.

He stated that the country could defeat Covid-19 if other states adopted the strategy that Lagos State deployed.

Mr Eze, however, urged government at all levels in the country to set up more testing centres so that more Nigerians could be tested, adding the number of cases discovered in the might not reflect the number of people who have contracted the disease.

He called on the government to provide palliatives to vulnerable in society, adding it should make sure the items got to the target audience.

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