Saraki’s Saga, Dansukigate and #PanamaPapers

The trouble with the Senate President, Dr. Saraki, is a fallout of his days as the Governor of Kwara state. From revelations at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, it was
witnessed that the senate president under-declared his assets and abused his office as governor, for financial enrichment. It is also on record that Mrs. Saraki was
recently invited by EFCC to answer questions bordering around her NGO’s opaque fiscal outlook.

Political sentimentalists are of the view that Saraki’s present ordeal is borne out of the displeasure of the powers that be within the APC authority blocks.

It is ideal for party members to subject themselves to the supremacy of the party irrespective of personal aspiration but the emergence of Saraki as the senate
president is a far deviation from the party’s position on power sharing. However it will be fair on the principal officers of APC to expect them to respect the
independence of the legislature.

Dr. Saraki engaged in anti-party romance with PDP senators to emerge as the Senate President and he showed gratitude by nominating Ekweremadu from the opposition as
the senate deputy president. This composition is uncommon in democratic practice even in the United States of America. The quasi coup antics of Saraki and his gang at
the senate must have been designed to embarrass and humiliate the party APC even though the party hierarchy soft pedaled by writing to the senate to express their
choice for some of the positions yet to be filled. The correspondence was shabbily treated under the auspices of Saraki.

An objective look at Saraki’s dilemma will not mix-up issues. The Codes of Conduct is indeed the creed of public service and its sanctity must be preserved in all
ramifications by all public servants irrespective of status. Dr. Bukola Saraki does not have any excuse to be caught in the web of misconduct. The trial of the Senate
President at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has been adjourned till May 10, 2016.

Sambo Dansuki was the immediate past National Security Adviser to the president. A prince of the Sokoto Caliphate expected to act above board with integrity in all
circumstances disappointed many people by his mindless Father Christmas style of squandering of $2.1billion earmarked for arming our armed forces to battle Boko Haram.

The disappointment is multidimensional because as a northerner he is expected to be touched by the number of fellow northerner killed daily by the insurgence and as a
trained military officer, his sense of patriotism is expected to make him appreciate the need for timely decimation of any threat to national sovereignty.

Sambo Dansuki allowed his office as National Security Adviser to be used for under cover political antics. For instance, he served as conduit for illicit political
funding of unholy activities like the sums given to Falae and Ladoja. Dr Tope Aluko’s exposed how Dasuki provided funds for truncating democracy in Ekiti.

The high point of Dansuki’s political maneuvers was his role in the postponement of the 2015 elections by six weeks without carrying Prof Jega along. He declared in
London that he could not guarantee security at the polls. Rtd. Col Sambo Dansuki’s trial and the questioning of Rtd Col Jaffaru Isa by PMB, is a pointer to the
seriousness and fairness of his anti-graft war because they are his professional colleagues, fellow Muslims and ethnic affiliates.

Please note that Rtd Col Jaffaru Isa is a high ranking member of APC.

The panama papers are actually documentary evidences of tax haven activities of high net worth persons worldwide. The spotting Nigerians in the heap is not abnormal
but when the source of the funds in focus is not clean, then one gets worried. For instance, Aliko Dangote is therein mentioned as a private sector operative but the
quantum of federal government waivers of import duty that he enjoyed during the PDP days is suspicious. The inclusion of T.Y. Danjuma, David Mark and Dr. Saraki calls
for scrutiny by relevant agencies in public interest because these people have occupied public offices one time or the other and as such they will indeed need to
certify that their funds are clean from source and not proceeds of criminal enrichment.

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